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Trying to configure permission sets and I cannot get any of them correct. Ada does not have a drop down option for Chatter. I have four options for each person: Force.com APP, Force.com free, Partner App, Salesforce Platform and Work.com. I have tried all of them. I have researched online and everyone seems to have a different view and options than I have. Ulrich the marketing Box is greyed out so I cannot check it and stays grayed out with each permission set I select. I am tried Lightening and Classic, same results. PLEASE HELP!

I am not able to create the user settings for Lincoln Ulrich properly.
When I create a new user for him and try to choose a profile, I can not see the Standard User Profile. I clicked through all the licences, however there is no Standard User Profile available.
The marketing button is also not editable to me.

Thanks in advance!