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Hi, I'm fairly new to SF and could use a little help pointing me in the right direction.

I've been tasked with creating a Lightning component that can be placed on any page in SF that will track who the user is, what form factor they're using, which page they're visiting, and optionally, a record ID if the page they're viewing has one (e.g. Contacts, etc.).

I'm familiar with LWC, but this won't have a UI, so I'm not sure where to start. The goal is to have a component that can be added to most pages where we want to track this information.

Thank you!
Hi there, I've got a very specific design outcome I'm trying to achieve in Lightning and I can't find any info relating to this on any of the usual channels.

I want to present a flow as a modal dialog box from a list view. This would mean a user could select multiple records, and run through the flow for each of the items. I have built a version that meets these criteria with the exception of presenting the flow in a modal dialog over the current list. Although this final requirement isn't critical to the functionality of the process, it is important to keep the experience consistent with other lightning processes.

I understand this could be completed through JS if I was using Classic, but our org has migrated to Lightning a while back and won't be moving.

Also, interestingly I can get the desired modal display using an Action, but this can't be added to a list view (only a detail view) in my understanding.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how this could be achieved? Thanks in advance!

This is the current process:

Visualforce Page, launched by list view button
<apex:page standardController="Contact" lightningStyleSheets="true" tabStyle="Contact" recordSetVar="AllContacts" >
        <!-- Add below each field you reference in your Flow -->   
        <apex:repeat value="{!AllContacts}" var="row" rendered="false">
        <!-- Runs your Flow -->   
        <flow:interview name="Outbound_Call_Flow_Contact_v2" 
            finishLocation="{!URLFOR($Action.Contact.Tab, $ObjectType.Contact)}">
            <apex:param name="selectedContacts" value="{!Selected}"/>

Button settings
User-added image

List view
User-added image

Flow once launched (takes its own page, when I would like it to present modally)
User-added image

Desired presentation of flow
User-added image 
Interesting behavior with SOQL query.

Here is the setup.

Some_Field__c is a Text length 20.

Some_Field__c is not null

This is proven by running

SELECT Some_Field__c FROM Account  WHERE Id ='0013000000Ik1srAAB'  and Some_Field__c !=null

and it returns the row.


SELECT Some_Field__c FROM Account  WHERE Id ='0013000000Ik1srAAB'  and Some_Field__c = null

does not return a row.

The row is an empty string but

SELECT Some_Field__c FROM Account  WHERE Id ='0013000000Ik1srAAB'  and Some_Field__c = ''

doesnt return anything.


SELECT Some_Field__c FROM Account  WHERE Id ='0013000000Ik1srAAB'  and Some_Field__c = '%'

doesn't return anything.

This is happening on a summer 08 sandbox org.

How do I filter on the empty string?