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I keep getting the error: 

User-added image

"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
We can't find the Entitlements Tab on the Console. Ensure there is a tab on the service app to see support level assignments overall."

1) I have added the Entitlements tab to the console like this: 
User-added image

2) I have added the milestone lightning component in the console: 

User-added image

3) I have added the "Entitlements" tab to the regular Service app:

User-added image

4) I have added the entitlements related list on account: 

User-added image

What am I missing???
I'm trying to get through the service cloud superbadge, and challenge 3 is giving me this issue

"We can't find Entitlements on the Case Lightning Page. Ensure Entitlements are visible on Cases in Lightning."

I've got entitlements on the case record page, via the parent account, and I've got entitlements history via the parent Entitlement Name.. 

What is it actually looking for? 
Hi Folks,

I am attempting Service Cloud super badge which was recently released. I am trying to complete challenge no 3 - Create service level and actions.

We have to set up minimum response time and resolution time. The problem I face here is I do not see the response time in minutes. 

In the challenge, it mentions 20 minutes and I am not finding a way to set minutes, every process(Time-based workflow, Entitlement hours, Escalation rules) are in hours and there is no provision to set in decimal.

Am I heading in the right direction? Please suggest.