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I have created a login page using Aura Lightning. I want to add this page as my communitie page. But I have only the below three options to add  a page

1.Default Page
2.VisualForce Page
3.Experience builder page

Is there a any way to use my lightning page as my first login page instead of existing visualforcepage.

I have followed Setup>All Communities>Workspace>Login and Registration>LoginPageSetup
Hi aim completely new to  lightening , i have created an aura componet and placed that  component in lighteingapp. When i  try to preview the app iam getting the  error like 
'We can't load the page. Please click Refresh.'

and in my aura coponent iam refering my controller (server side )  variables like the follwing ,

<aura:if isTrue="{!v.accountdata.size!=0}">
<div class="slds-truncate" title="Details ">Account details</div>

So please suggest me how   can i over come this and please suggest me if u have any previus examples .

Shiva Ram.
I'm the system admin for a Community and recently I've started getting this error message by email: 

"A new user's attempt to register at NAME_Portal failed because the value for the profileID attribute is either null or invalid. Set the profileID for new users on the ChatterAnswersRegistration Visualforce page for the site associated with community NAME_Portal or on the apex class associated with the Facebook authprovider."

We don't have Chatter Answers enabled and we don't have Facebook set as an Auth Provider so I'm not sure what's going on there. Additionally, we haven't made any changes to our code recently around the self registration. Any thoughts?

I want to convert a datetime field to date field in javsscript

var date=record.LastModifiedDate;

what is the method i can use to convert it