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Is there a way to have a tierd oppotunity  within an opportunity? 

As an example, Lets say my Account is Macdonalds, and I have an opportunity as Macdonalds Location number X, 

With in this opportunity I want to create several sub opportunities and have them roll up to the total opportunity at Macdonalds Location number X. 

At this location I want a sub opportunity to sell 
Coke at Macdonalds Location number X
Burger patties at "  "
French Fries at "  " 

I dont want these all as seperate opportunites because i want them to be all assoicated with the one Location Opportunity, and ultimately the account is Macdonalds. 

The other thing is that the sub opportunites are not a product, rather a service that will always have different rates etc. 

Any help would be most appricated.