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How Many Times Trigger Execute On An Upsert Event ?
Write a trigger whenever a opportunity stage is changed to closed won , change account rating to Hot.
I need to a way to have a field on custom objects for an alert that will popup when the record is opened.
What is the best way to go about this?
I have created fields in teh Resume Object and tried to insert in the VF page and got this error "Unknown property 'Resume.Professional_Experience__c'". Can you please tell me where did I go wrong?

<apex:page  controller="Resume" renderAs="pdf">
    <apex:pageBlock title="Resume">
        <apex:pageBlockTable value="{!Professional_Experience__c}" var="con">
 Hi Team
 I have a question as I cannot see all the fields for selection of an related object in the related list.
Which fields of an object are available in available fields list of a related list?
  • April 07, 2022
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I'm trying to create a VF page to override the standard New button in order to prepopulate value in the standard Name field:
<apex:page standardController="Opportunity"
    action="{!URLFOR($Action.Opportunity.New, null, [Name='Will be Populated by the system'], true)}"

Howver, it's not populated in the New layout. 
What am I missing?


We have recently created a new Lead Process and Path for a new Lead Record Type (Lets say we have this one "Energy Process" and the recently created "Lubs Process" each one with completely different path values). Deployed everything from squad specific dev sandbox (Here we have SQUAD DEV > DEV > QAS > PROD, because multiple businesses with own squads run in the same prod org) and the testers are facing this problem when creating the new RT, where the Lead Status picklist is showing the values from the wrong Lead Process even though the correct one "Lubs Process" is selected for this new record type. A Path Settings was also created and correctly associated with the new record type and picklist.

I searched all of the forum for a possible fix and the only thing i encontered was something about switching the Lead Process from the Record Type to another, save, and switching back the right one (people saying there that this is something to do with salesforce bugs). Although this 'fixed' the problem during that sprint, after everything reached Prod and the refresh occured, the problem came back to the dev environment.

I can't test it in prod just yet because it's inactive for now and I can't do much about it but there's a concern if this will happen especially in prod every final sprint refresh...

Have one of you guys going through or actually fixed this?!

Hi Folks,
I am new to Salesforce and currently focusing on Admin part. There is an Email_To_Case has bene implemented in org where email from Company A is going to Company B on Case related communications.

We could see that responses from Company B is not availbale in Salesforce for some Cases on some dates. Company B told that they reverted but those response are not yet reached to Salesforce.

What I have tried so far.
1# Login to SF>Case>Activity History (seen the emails from Company A) but could not see responses from Company B.

2# Then Downlaoded Email Log for given window and see emails from Company A to Company B but again could not see responses from Company B.

This set up was done long back and not working for few companies like B ,C and D.

Can anyone guide where I should debug this. I have emails subjects and dates from Comany A where they are expecting responses from Company B.

I'm trying to populate custom label parameters in a flow using values from the flow. In this page it tells how to do it form a Apex but not from a flow: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.lightning.meta/lightning/labels_parameters.htm
The custom label value is:
"Dear {0}, Your {1} has been {2}."
I'm trying something like this in a formula in flow:
{!format({!$Label.OrderStatusPushMessage}, v.{!GetContact.Name}, v.{!$Record.Type__c}, v.{!$Record.Status__c})}
Error: The formula expression is invalid: Syntax error
How can I achieve this?
  • April 06, 2022
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I tried this code but not working. Can any one help me on this?

trigger Contactduplicaterecord on Contact (before insert, before update) 
  set<string> EmaPho=new set<string>();
    for(Contact Con:trigger.new)
    if(EmaPho.size()>0 )
    List<Contact> lstContact=[Select Phone,Email from Contact where Phone in:EmaPho or Email in:EmaPho];
    Map<string, Contact> MapEmaPhowisecontact=new Map<string, Contact>();
    for(Contact Con:lstContact)
        MapEmaPhowisecontact.put(Con.Phone, Con);
        MapEmaPhowisecontact.put(Con.Email, Con);
    for(Contact Con:trigger.new)
            Con.Phone.addError('Phone Number already Exist');
            Con.Email.addError('Email already Exist');
Hi, I have a Visualforce sign in page , how do I give alert when wrong password is entered. Thanks
  1. Custom Approval Page:
  • Create Visualforce page that will show current login users’ Approval request
  • He should able to accept and reject those from same page with description.
  • There should be provision to multi-accept or mulit-reject.
  • List view should be there to show update coming and past requests.                                                                                         Any Solution for this. Thanks in advance
Hi Team,
I am not able to pull the data for  Top Searches, Most Search Results by Term, Searches with No Results, and  other Search related Analytics from “Community Search Dashboard 2.0” in my Full Sandbox(UAT org).
The data is showing like below. Please help me on this
Hi guys,

How can I keep records of emails that I send to clients from within the case record. So I am able to send an email to a client from within the record, fine. None of the replies are being added to the record.

Am I missing something? 
I have an issue where some clients send sensitive data through inbound emails. I am trying to avoid that and I am looking out for a possible solution. Is there a functionality available in Salesforce where you have the chance to modify the body of this inbound email and delete out these sensitive data before it converts to case? Is this even possible to be done? Any comments or help is appreciated? 
when we create a page, we make standard controller if we have to work on standard object like "Account". I want to know, do we need to make custom controller when working on custom object or simply we have to use customobject__c by using standard controller.
For eg: If I have a custom object Emplyee, then I have to make a custom controller with Employee__c or simply write standardcontroller="Employee__c".



Is it possible to update a Staticresource record using the apex controller ?




How is this supposed to be written, I know I need to bulkify, buts its not working for me:

trigger Contact_BeforeInsertBeforeUpdate on Contact (before insert, before update) {
 for(Contact c: Trigger.new){
  String ContactId=c.Id;
   for(Related_Contact__c rc:[select Id,ContactId__c,Relo_Contacts__c from Related_Contact__c where ContactId__c = :ContactId]) {
   update rc;