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We are having two modules one is developed in salesforce and another is Node JS(Postgres DB). So wee need to send some data from Node JS to chatter in salesforce and also vice versa. What is the best approach to do this implementation?
Hello I have a couple reports I need to send weekly to via FTP. Is there a way to do this through scheduled apex? If not, what is the best free way to do it? 
I have successfully installed Dropbox to Salesforce and the Salesforce Documents folder is created. I have moved my folder structure in Dropbox under the main Salesforce Documents folder in Dropbox. How do I see these files now in Salesforce? Is there a way for me to associate files in Dropbox with Salesforce object records through the integration?
Hi All,

We have a requirement to accomplish Salesforce to Oracle Integration.
Phase 1 of the requirement says whenever a record or bulk upload is done for an object called say TestObject then in 4 to 5 mins or max 4 to 5 hours record should get saved/immediately reflect in Oracle. The Data should be sent from Salesforce in JSON format and will be received from Oracle in JSON format and that needs to be saved in Salesforce using REST API.

Thank You,Thank You & Thank You for any help :)
Hi Guy's,

I need your help.
I have requirement of integration(Salesforce to Oracle Integration Cloud).
As we know OIC is the configuration tool. Trying to do but data get's failed.

Harsh. P.

I'm trying to connect my existing database with salesforce via heroku connect. I was able to synchronize the two solutions.

However, I wanted to know how to do complex matching.

First I would like to create lead / account / opportunity from my other application, I have synchronized my objects however I don't know what is the right method for this type of problem.

For example, I have in my existing application a companies table and a company_contacts table, I would obviously like to link my company to my custom object account as well as create leads for each new contact from my company_contacts table and that they keep their relationships.

Do you have any examples on this kind of use case? Is this the right way to synchronize my salesforce with my existing database? Knowing that I have thought of another much less pretty solution the RULES of postgres in order to fold on the salesforces tables the changes made on my existing base.

What is the best way to have a daily scheduled insert/update of a SQL Table into Salesforce Big Objects? We currently have a C# adapter to update Salesforce standard object records with SQL database data, but I'm not sure if this same approach will work for Big Objects. 

If anyone could elaborate on the best way(s) to integrate a SQL database with Salesforce Big Objects, that would be super helpful. Open to C#/.Net implementations ([we use this currently][1]), SQL Server connectors/adapters, 3rd party connector platforms, anything. Thank you!

  [1]: https://github.com/developerforce/Force.com-Toolkit-for-NET
Hey Guys,

I need help to sync google documents from drive to Salesforce Accounts files.

Hello All,

We require to expose the Heroku Postgres Object into Salesforce as an External Object.
I know it is achievable with the help of Salesforce Connect, but that involves additional Licencing, hence looking for other possibilities without incuring additional costs.


I need a solution to be able to auto upload reports daily to dropbox / drive. Cloudhq pricing is not feasible. Debating creating a custom solution for this. Has anyone developed this solution or any pointers that may help.

We are running out of file storage in our Salesforce Org. Other than deleting old data or buying more storage we are looking for other options.

Below is one of the option I think of but not sure if it can be achieved:
User uploads files in Salesforce. But it should actually save to SharePoint/Google Drive. User should not know that, file is being saved in SharePoint and Only the Reference to the files should be in Salesforce. 
After save, User can access all these files and when he/she should clicks the file in Salesforce, it should pull the data from SharePoint and display it for him. So this way we will not use memory in Salesforce.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
So my requirement is I want all the salesforce attachment backup in google drive also I can syncronise the salesforce with google drive so that in future if I will upload any attachment in salesforce it will automaticallu added to the google drive

Can anyone help me how we can do this using third party app or any other way we can intergrate salesforce with google drive 
I apologize if this has already been asked, tried searching with no luck. I have already connected a lighter weight version of our Postgres data to salesforce via REST API bulk uploading, but have some issues with keeping up to sync easily. I was wondering if anyone has dealt with read only from Postgres (possibly even data clips?) in order to update Salesforce. Everything seems to be more salesforce as truth focused, but we're looking to bring app data as truth into salesforce instead.

Example if our users table email updates, we'd want to update the associated email on the person account, etc.. seems simple just looking for an experienced voice on how they did this without costing a fortune and using old ETL strategies and or tons of single API calls.

Thanks for all and any advice!
There are a billion records in SQL Server so probably not a good idea to transfer all records to Salesforce. Is there a good ETL tool that could sum up summarize the records and store the results in an object in Salesforce and then put a dashboard in the community for that info? Or should I write a script for the SQL Server and send the needed data for the pie chart to the visualforce page and have that populated in the Dashboard (can the dashboard be dynamic and based off of a values in a callout?). 
I want to integrate Salesforce with Drop box.
Please any one help me to do that. or can anyone share any dropbox integration link Document link
Thank you
Currently we have an application with much data in the oracle database, and we are going to migrate our applicatoin to salesforce, e.g. with lightning app, lightning component, but we can't import our data into salesforce due to our company policy, so I would like to ask, could we just make a jdbc connection to our oracle database from salesforce lightning compoent?
I have created salesforce custom object and need to send the records from this object to the MySQL database.
Please help!!

Hi all,


I have a requirement where we have data in mysql database and apex should be coded in such a way that it  gets data from mysql and display on visualforce page. I donot have any idea on how to integrate Salesforce with mysql database. 


Please help.







I am looking for solutions on how to replicate and sync SF to a local database.

The three tools that I am considering are:


DB sync




Relational Junction


What are your experience using any of these products?

Are there any other that I have missed?


They need to work with a postgreSQL database, two way sync, custom fields and objects, attachments.


All comments are appreciated.