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I am trying to subscribe to the OpportunitySplitChangeEvent but getting the below error.

403::User not allowed to subscribe CDC without required permissions

I can access the Opportunity events without any issues. The user I am using has a read-only profile with a permission set assigned, which has 'View All' access for Opportunity under Object settings. I cannot see the object settings for OpportunitySplit.

I tried enabling the 'View All Data' setting under the System permissions in the permission set, but some of my clients wouldn't want to do that.

Is there a way to get the OpportunitySplit events without giving the 'View All Data' permissions under system settings? I am ok with changing my profile type but want to avoid providing the 'View All Data' permission.
Hi All,
I am new to Platform event based flows.So I am not able to understand how the platform event flow will run once we click "Debug" button to test the flow.As per my business requirement,there are 2 flows involved one is Scheduled flow and other one is Platform event flow.
Scheduled flow will just create a record to create a platform event.
Platform event has to execute the loop and if the loop limit is reached,update the records,create a platform event again,otherwise just update the records and exit.

I am getting the following error:
The flow failed to start because the provided values were not valid: You can't launch a platform event–triggered flow from within Flow Builder. To launch this flow, activate it and then publish an event message for the platform event that's configured in the Start element.

Any help is really appreciated.

  • May 07, 2022
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