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I have a customized user profile page layout I like to add to the managed package. I can't find it in the add components dialog. Neither below 'Page Layout' nor somewhere else.

How can I add it to the managed package?


 I have spent the last three days muddling through flow builder and process builder, red everything I can find on my issue, but still find myself lost and unable to complete my task at hand.

I am attempting to create a custom button to trigger a flow and process. The end result would be an automated process to re-open leads and create activity logs among other things. I need the custom button to trigger the flow, which will trigger the process. I am fairly new to this sort of thing, and thanks to COVID working remotely isn't ideal either. So far I have created a field which would be toggled true/false once the button is pressed, which would then trigger a flow. However, when I attempt to use the new checkbox field but when creating the flow, I don't see my new checkbox field as a choice to use for field conditions. So I can't figure out how to toggle the checkbox if I can't actually find it in the fields??

Many of the trailblazer comment threads seem to end in catch-22s - either Chatter is the answer which we don't use, or Javascript, which doesn't work in Lightning, etc. 
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I want to query all opportunities or quotes that have order assigned to it
How can i achieve this?