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I have installed the Salesforce CLI package and it is working fine from the terminal window.
I have installed the Salesforce Extensions package into Visual Studio Code and all looks fine.
However when I enter Command-Shift-P and type something like SFDX: Create Package I get a notification to install the Salesforce CLI package.
All the sfdx commands work fine from with VS Code’s terminal window.

I am at a loss as to what is wrong. 
I am running on a Mac and all the help articles are for Windows are direct you towards missing or incorrect Path statements. Not much help for a Mac user.

I have tried completely removing the SFDX package (via rm statements from terminal) along with removing the Salesforce extensions from VSCode. After reinstalling all this - same problem.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
I'm working on the below link trailhead. 

I'm not able to understand what's needs to be done on the step 2. 

1.Create a new Lightning component named myEverythingComponent
2. Add this static text to the component: I'll have one with everything
3. Add each resource type to the component, by clicking Create for each resource type: Controller, Helper, Style, Documentation, Renderer, Design, SVG

can someone please assist me on this?