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I am seeking help for Salesforce to Quickbooks desktop integration with help of web connectors. Plese don't suggest any manage packages i already reached too much. Feel free to reach me any time.


I've created a email field (bcc) in lead.I want to populate bcc mail id here using email service class.How can i acheive this?

  • August 05, 2018
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How can I create a intgeration between salesforce and Mailchimp so that i acn send mass email upto 10k email at a time.
I have spent the last week working with Mailchimp to troubleshoot the MailChimp for Salesforce plugin, which is no loner syncing contacts from Salesforce onto our MailChimp list. MailChimp tech support has requested information from Salesforce Support in order to proceed with the troubleshooting. As a standard customer, I have been told the only way to access any support is through this forum, so I am hoping someone has insight!

What we know:
• Users of the MailChimp for Salesforce integration are experiencing an error that “a batch job is already in process”.
• From what we can see, these batch jobs are in a ‘holding’ state in the Apex flex queue, and are never moved to the Apex job queue for processing.
• In order to protect org resources, MailChimp integration will not start a second batch job if a MC4SF batch is already in the apex queue.
• We have established that there are no other apex jobs currently running that would cause the hold in the flex queue.
• Since we can verify that these batch jobs are being created successfully, the issue appears to be with how they are being handled for processing in these queues, which is a function controlled exclusively by Salesforce.

MailChimp support has asked me to find out:
• What could cause a job to remain in a ‘holding’ state in the flex queue?
• Is there anything that would prevent a batch job from being able to move from the flex queue to the job queue?
• Is there anything unique to this specific org or the Apex flex queue that would prevent these jobs from running as expected?
Hi all,

I would like to integrate Quickbooks (External App) with the salesforce using the salesforce CANVAS feature. I highly appreicate for all your responses.

Thank you.
Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused about the whole logging emails in salesforce. I have built a workflow rule to send and email to a email address within a custom email field if a certain value in a picklist = true. The field is in the cases object.

If the receipient resonds to that email, how can that email automatically get logged to the case?
Hi all,

can u please help em out in referring link to integrate quickbooks to salesfore and salesforce to quickbooks using Dbysync?

My name is Ben and I am a manager at Green Sheep Nation, LLC, a holdings group based out of Denver, CO. Our comapny needs help integrating our Salesforce & QuickBooks accounts for some of the entities that we own. We are currently using Workato for integration, but have been having trouble with the app and thus looking to switch to Zapier. We are looking to hire someone to help us with this as well as some Dashboard integration. If anyone in the developer community could be of help, it would be greatly appreciated!


I'm currently using mailchimp for salesforce integration. I was wondering if it is possible to automiatically assign a task to myself to call an MCSubscriber whenever they click on link from a campaign. I'm new to saleforce so I'm not sure where to start.

Hello All,

I want to integrate QuickBooks integration with salesforce. As per QuickBooks API X.509 certificates are required with private key. Although i have created self-signed certificates but i am not able to get private key. Does anyone know, how can i get private key. 

Any idea about signing a SAML assertion with private key would be more advantage for me.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi All,

I am having a requirement to integrate QuickBooks online with Salesforce. In this, I am successfully getting authorized from Salesforce to my app on QuickBooks. I am using version V1 to getting request token and access token, secret credentials. But, when I am trying to make a request to getting all Accounts from QuickBooks app with using V3, got the Authentication error: Unauthorized. If anyone faces this type of exception and got success to make request from SF to QB please help me to getting out from this exception.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Everyone,


I observerd that there are so many products on AppExchange that does the Integration of Quickbooks with the SFDC. But i could not find any standard procedure on community through which I can achieve this Integration. I have followed some of the Quickbooks formus and tried some code snippets with no success. I found it painfull to figure out the exact procedure of the Integration. Can anyone who has worked on the integration help me understand how the Quickbooks API works. I am determined, even if i get the information in pieces, I will put them together at one place and post that to the community. So, whoever has worked on the Integration of Quickbooks with SFDC,  please share your valuable experience.






I want to transfer all my data from Quickbooks into Salesforce. Can anyone provide me  ways for doing this?


Thank You.

  • February 12, 2010
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Is it possible to integarte Salesforce.com with QuickBooks SDKs using APEX webservices ?


Or Should i go for External appliactions developed using other programming languages?


Can anyone suggest me ?