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We are trying to achieve one particular scenario through apex trigger approval process . Like approval mail should get trigger to 6 user example User1(team A), User2(Team A), User 3 (team B),User4 ( Team B), User 5(team C) , User 6 (team C). But it should get approved through Either of one user From One Team, Ex- from Team A - User1 Approved, Team B User 3 Approved and from Team C User 6 approved and record should get approved. Object is Account request which is the details object of account and creating queue option is not available. Could you please guide us to acheive this scenario or provide us the better alternative.
Hello Team,

Below is a requirement from one of our customers.

The objective is to have a parallel approval process on an object.
For Example, when a record is submitted for approval, it has to spawn multiple approval steps(more than 2) in Parallel (say, Approval from Legal team, approval from Finance team). Either of these steps can be approved/rejected in parallel by different sets of approvers.

We can find parallel approvers for a single approval step but not parallel approval steps in the configuration. Can anybody please guide here how to achieve this parallel approval steps?