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Hi all,

While exploring the salesforce features i came across supoort process
  1. Support processes are used to add or remove the status values of cases
  2. After a support process has been created its assigned to a record type
Now my confusion  is ,why  are we  using support processes to add/remove the picklist values? as It can also be achieved when creating record types.
Record types allow us to customize the picklist values then why wud we use this solution process feature?

What is MVC??


I know it as MODEL(objects) VIEW(visualforce) CONTROLLER(apex).



Why we will call as MVC, and if some one asks what is MVC what definition i can tell.


What is the use of MVC architecture??

  • August 07, 2012
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I want to access controller getter-setter variable inside javascript. How could I do this.


Thanks in advance.







  • April 24, 2012
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Anyone ever seen this before?  I've got a user attaching a photoshop file and word file to an email from SFDC, but Salesforce puts a .html extension onto the file when sent from Salesforce as an email attachment.  No idea what causes this or how to prevent it.


Anyone seen this before?