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In the Field Service Lightining module, my client requirement is to set the Due Date on Service Appointment from Due Date Offset on WT considering the Business Hours too.
Eg. if  I set 2 days on Due Date Offset and I create a Service Appointment on Friday 3:00 PM, then Due Date should be Tuesday 3:00 PM and not Sunday 3:00 PM. IS that possible? 

We recently created one record type and page layout for case object. Upon case creation we wanted to fire Active assignment rules and by selecting the "Assign using active assignment rules" optional check box we are able to acheive it. Case is getting created successfully and assgned to Queue. 

But upon case EDIT also Assignment Rules are firing since we have selected 'Default' ceckbox for Assignment Rules on page layout level. That's the reason why AR are firing. We don't want AR firing upon case edit? What actions do I need to take to prevent this?

Any suggestions plz..

  • February 25, 2016
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