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Can anyone plz explain the below red marked code syntax in simple words. i could't understand why the "new" keyword is inside the (), and what is the "{mail}" keyword? 
What is the proper syntax of theis code ?
User-added image

We have in some of our Knowledge base articles public links to Salesforce Files. When a user opens one of these links, it opens a browser tab with the file and the favicon is the Salesforce cloud icon. Is there any way to apply a custom favicon to these public links? Salesforce support indicated that it would require applying a custom favicon to all Salesforce pages. Is this even possible?
Hi Everyone,

I need a way determine if the accountNumber field contains -1. I got it work when -1 is the only value in the account number field. The formula needs to identify identify wether -1 is present the string (i.e. 11706-1). Not sure what else I need to do here.
IF(  CONTAINS("-1", Site) , BillingCity , 
IF(   NOT( CONTAINS("-1", Site) ), ShippingCity , 
IF(  CONTAINS("", Site)  , ShippingCity , BillingCity) ) )