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Hi Team,
I am using Google Maps in one object. But suddenly it's not working. Getting error "initMap is not a function", name: "InvalidValueError", stack: "Error↵".
Do you guys know about this error?
Hi, I keep trying to install the Salesforce Lightning Inspector Chrome extension but can never find the correct Chrome Web Store page. It's supposed to be here:

https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/salesforce-lightning-insp/pcpmcffcomlcjgpcheokdfcjipanjdpc , as per 


but always get an HTTP 404 error.

Do you guys know where exactly the installation is? Thanks!!   OR... has it been deprecated?
If I have several platform users (say a 1000) that will only have access to 10 custom objects, due to license limitations, could some Platform users with a different profile or permission set gain access to a different set of 10 custom objects, or do they need to be the same 10 custom objects for all 1000 platform users in the ORG? I hope this is clear.
Hello Everyone,

I appreciate for having a look over my question. About me I am a mid level SFDC Developer and planning on taking the Salesforce Consulting Partner Program for my employer to get Salesforce Certified Consultant. Please, help me out on what are the requirements to participate and take over the program? What basic certification needed to get qualified for this program? What are the required training or knowledge need to pass this consultant exam and get my employer certified? I would really appreciate your help and response on getting this achieved as this would be my life's achievement learning many things in short time period. 

I have started using Salesforce in my new company but for now the use is very basic- feeding/pulling out customer database. I want to learn full-fledged Saelsfroce and excel in it, I am from non-developer/non-coding background. I have started learning the Salesforce Admin modules viaTrail Head.
It will be great if somebody can guide me since Salesforce is huge and I want to go step-by-step and learn each and every component of Salesforce applications. What could be the best way? What should I follow excatly?
Thank you
  • January 25, 2017
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Hi all,
I don't know anything about the node.js and jsforce.I don't know how they are used with salesforce.

So it would be great if someone responds to me with either answers or resources links?