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I want to daily upload a CSV file and its attachments using an externalIDs?

I try to use DataLoader.io but it is not working (at this time) with an externalIDs. It's urgent.

Any other solutions to do it with Salesforce Professionnal?

Thank you.
which query editor i should use???
should i use data loader?? or workbench???
nd how to use???

I am looking to bulk delete all records that I have added to my custom object. Could someone please suggest a way that I can do this?

Thanks, Emma
Hi All,

I have uploade around 400 files to chatter. But to all files, i am owner of that files.

Now i want change all files to viewer as public in company.

How can i mass update these files? any setting or dataloader example?
When we insert records into Account object automatically contact records are also inserted using dataloader. It is possible to do that or any other tool like jitterbit/dataloader.io.
I need to export attachment objects from salesforce. it contains binary fields .

Dataloader says on export cannot export binary fields..any suggestion ?