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I am new to the salesforce, I am having difficulties to find figure out this functionality. 
This is my requirement: built a VF page with Button which needs to trigger both start and stop time, when you click the button it should start the time and when you click it again it should stop the time(should see that time running function on the layout) and calculate the length of the time populate on the  custom_Objecet__c (Duration__c)field when you press the button again  for start and stop  timer even after some value populated on Durtion__c field it should add the old value + new Value ( for Ex: duration__c = 30 min and we click the button for the start time after 10 min we click it again for the stop time, then we should see the Duration__c = 40 min)
Could you please help me out on the Salesforce case create method, I am using Perl to create the Salesforce case however want to know how to add multiple contactId to create the case.

Here is the case method example for a single contactId:
my %caseCreate = (
                type => 'Case',
                AccountId => 'Test account',
                ContactId => '0022ABC', 
                OwnerId => '0011XYZ',

I am using dataloader to update and insert 1000 records. How many times will trigger and workflow fire in overall process