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Hi Friends,

Is it possible to get the Opportunity split data from a custom Opportunity split object into Opportunity object? I just need the rep name and the %split.

For example: If there are 2 reps,  rep1 with a 50% split and rep2 with a 50% split. I want to get this data in four fields in Opportunity
Opportunity Field:
rep1 Name: rep1 from Opportunity Split
rep1 %:  50%  from Opportunity Split
rep2 Name: rep2 from Opportunity Split
rep2 %:  50%  from Opportunity Split

Any help will be appreciated.


I'm trying to complete the "Set Up Single Sign-On for Your Internal Users" Trailhead challenge, and was able to execute the description of the challenge successfully. However, I'm getting the following error when checking the challenge on Trailhead:
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find SAML Enabled in your org's setup audit trail. Make sure that you have 'SAML Enabled' checked under 'Federated Single Sign-On Using SAML' in your org's 'Single Sign-On Settings'.

I've reviewed the settings, and "SAML Enabled" is true, and I'm connected to the right org when doing the challenge. Has anyone else encountered this?
If anyone gets this error message: "The dashboard configuration that allows users to see only their own data is incorrect"...
error message

The solution is to check The Dashboard Viewer radio button in the dashboard settings--in the "View Dashboard As" section.