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Any one have any idea how to auto click detail page button in salesforce?


Any one have any idea how to auto click detail page button in salesforce?

Write a trigger on Opportunity LineItem , when Line Item is deletes, delete an opportunity as well.?

I have button which is linked to Visualforce page. If I click on this button, in background internally it is taking id and some more parameters for creation of record. The visualforce page and controller class is hidden. Details I cannot see.

I want to trigger this button to click automatically. How can I do this?

Thanks and Regards,
Diwakar G
Hi All,

We have a button on a record page that executes JavaScript. This triggers an integration that synces the record information to our ERP. Anytime a user makes an edit on the record they are supposed to click that button... that isn't alays happening.

I'm looking for a way to take the human eliment out of the button click. Is there a way to use process builder or workflow to click the button if the record it edited? 

Here is the JavaScript

The Live Agent help for the Deploymnet record says:

"If you’re using security zones in Internet Explorer 8 or 9, be sure your deployment and any website that hosts that deployment are in the same security zone. Due to an issue with Internet Explorer, it’s not possible to launch a chat window from a website that’s in a different security zone. For more information on security zones, refer to Internet Explorer help."

It is saying that the URLs embedded in the Deployment javascript have to be in the same zone as the website itself?  If so, how do I determine what zone each is in?