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I am getting error in Challenge No 6 Lightning Experience Reports & Dashboards Specialist Superbage 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
We can’t find the requested graph type associated with the 'Top Case Drivers by SolarBot Ownership' report. Or the setting isn't selected to show the proportions between values in each grouping and each grouping's total.
Please Help Me
Hi Team,

While trying to group the Temperature to kWh Research Report with SolarBot Model, I am not able to find SolarBot Model.

Please assist, thanks
Vinay Kumar Salve
User-added image

Below is my screenshot of the report 
User-added image

This is how my report looks like 
User-added image
Can Anyone help in resolving this ? 
Hi there,

I got following error on Step 5.

The formula for the 'Adjusted Expected Revenue' column doesn't meet the business requirements.

Anyone passed this step?
Please give some advise for this formula.
Thanks in advance.

I've been working on this superbadge, near the end I got to this part:

Ada also tells you that the SolarBot Status Averages report needs some tweaks. First, the Support team wants to see trends over time, so they want the report to show data by week instead of by day. Second, they want a graph for this report called Weekly Panel Temperature and kWh that shows average panel temperature and average kilowatt hours as lines over time. Third, they want to see this graph on each SolarBot record page. Create the page and call it SolarBot Status Page With Chart. Include only information about the individual SolarBot in the chart.

What kind of page should I go for? I created a Lightning Record Page, a page layout, and it is not detecting any kind of page
Thanks in advance