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We have a manufacturer who has built an external configurator. I have found the following documentation on this subject:

This documentation seems very limited. There is no mention of what is sent in the JSON string to the extneral configuration tool and the format it needs to be returned in. How do you utilise that JSON string that is returned to make appropriate product option selections, etc.

Does anyone have any more information or some examples?

I am fairly new to development on Salesforce (currently some clases and triggers) I have also put together a quote calculator plugin successfully and have some development background in other languages just to make clear my experience level. 

Thanks in advance. 
i had gone through developer guide and other things, i need the a small example what really the metadata is with an example , of simple 
thanks and regards

In Setup->Users->Fields->Lanuage only field information is available. How to see the picklist values?
Thanks in advance.


I am trying to deploy a Change Set from my Sandbox to PROD Org however when I select to "Upload" the Change Set I receive the following error:
"This organization isn't authorized to upload change sets to other organizations. For authorization, contact the deployment connections administrators on the organizations where you want to upload changes.".

My profile is set up as a System Administrator for my Org.

Is anyone able to assist?

Hi, I would like to update a field value when a user clicks on a link or button on a email sent out by salesforce. 

We have a workflow that sends out automatic reminders about certain jobs. I would like to setup a second workflow that sends an email 2 days later with a button or link (e.g. "Job completed? Yes, No?") for the user to click on. That button or link should then update a field value in salesforce to "Job completed" or "Job cannot be completed". It doesn't matter if it's a picklist or text field, - I just can't figure out a way to update a field by clicking on a button/link in an email. 

I greatly appreciate any help. 


Anyone know how to get the user ID in the hybrid application. I'd imagine there would be one of two options:


1. Get it from a stored variable somewhere in the application.

2. Use a command in REST API.


But how do we do it?


Thanks in advance