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Hi All,

It would be really great if you can help me in the below scenario.
We have a usecase where we are sending the link of Visuaforce page with some parameters embed (https://bxxxxxxx--dev--c.visualforce.com/apex/LeadAssignTimer?leadid=a0421000002xxxxB) in a sms and when a person clicks on the link, it should open in the Saleforce1 app in mobile. This is working perfectly when user logged in Salesforce1 as Platform user.
But when the same is tried using VF page link related to Community (https://dev-b*******dev.cs26.force.com/LeadAssignTimer?leadid=a0421000002xxxxB) by logged in as Community user in Saleforce1 app., it not redirecting to Salesforce1, rather opening in the browser. It shoul redirect to the Salesforce1 app where we can see the VF page in Community.

Thanks in advance.