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I recetly started working on Financial Service Cloud and I am new to Salesforce. When I am trying to convert a lead, it is converting in to person account irrespective of the record type. How can i convert it into business account or how to select an option while converting. 

I tried by choosing new account upon conversion and i selected business record type. When I click on convert , it is throwing a error messages to select only person accounts. 

Please help me on it

 A developer has the controller class below

Public with sharing class myFooController {
                public integer prop {get; private set;}

Which code block will run successfully in an execute anonymous window?

a. myFooController m = new myFooController();
System.assert(m.prop != null);
b. myFooController m = new myFooController();
System.assert(m.prop == 1);
c. myFooController m = new myFooController();
System.assert(m.prop == null);
d. myFooController m = new myFooController();
System.assert(m.prop == 0);

Can someone please help me solve this question? I found out that the correct answer is option (C) but I don't understand the reason behind it.
Hi all.
I'm trying to create relationships the following wat:

Account - Partners
For this purpose I have created a custom object Partners and a junction object AccountPartner with a MasterDetail relationship both ways.

I'm able to add Partners to Accounts, and from the Partner object I can see all Accounts related to that Partner. A good working M:M model.

Now I want to introduce Partner Types.

Partner Types
For this purpose I have created a custom object PartnerType with multiple Record Types, one for each Partner Type.
I have then created a custom object for each Partner Type.
This is because one Partner may be multiple Types.

PartnerType has Lookup relations to each Type Object so I'm able to create a link from the Partner Object to each individual Type Object.

But I want to show it like this:

Account (Page)
Partners (Related List)
Record: Partner A - Partner Type A - Link to A object
Record: Partner A - Partner Type B - Link to B object
Record: Partner B - Partner Type A - Link to A object

I'm sure the key is how I should relate Partners through PartnerTypes with the individual objects related to each RecordType in PartnerTypes.

Thank you in advance.
Hello All,

We are planning to switch to Console application, and some of the Visualforce page buttons give error message like "Page Does not Exist:  Enter a valid URL and try again" !

Is there anyway to fix this, meaning make the VF page working in Console application.

Thank you for your expert advise and help.
Best wishes,
We are developing components for a Community that will used in a mobile app via Mobile Publisher.  From what I have read, I have the impression that Lightning Web Components (vs. Aura) provides greater flexibility for mobile apps.  Please confirm.
How can we utilized the SASS (preprocessor) in out lightning web components.

I'm trying to generate a conditional autonumber based on a field value.  I'm trying to round robin leads based on field being changed to "Demo Scheduled". 

I'm looking for the code to use in building the trigger. Can anyone help me with that?

Any help would be great! I'm stuck.


Hi, we are looking for a London based Salefsforce developer/architect who can help us to connect a sign up form on Craft CMS (created by someone else) with Salesforce. Our aim is to create/update contacts and accounts and to create new campaign members.
Thank you

I all of a sudden started to get this Error. Related to Picklist. It was working fine yesterday.

User-added image