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I am completely new to Apex and could really use some help with what seems to be a simple task.  I have a formula on the contact, Persona_True__c, that returns a 1 if the custom field "persona" is populated and a 0 if it is blank.

I would like to have a roll-up summary that sums this field at the account level in a field called Related_Personas__c.  

Because we can't roll-up from contact to account I'm reading that this type of action needs to be a trigger, but I don't even know where to start.  Does anyone have any thoughts or expertise they can share to help me out? 

I need a salesforce developer to help me integrate Salesforce with Boberdoo. I need to be able to send lead information in one of my Salesforce Campaigns to my Boberdoo campaign. I understand this can be accomplished via API, though I do not have the exprerience to do so myself. Successful work will lead to future projects, if interested. 

Thank you

I hope someone can help me.  I have a VF page that includes 4 tabbed sections.  One of them is a custom search tab.  When the user types their criteria (an account name) into the inputtext box, and clicks my search button, everything works great.  If the user types in their criteria, then presses "Enter",  the page refreshes and takes the user back to the first tab (my search tab is the fourth tab).
How can I get pressing enter to be the same as clicking the button?

Thanks in advance!!

  • August 27, 2008
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