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Hi all,

I created a classic email template and have merge fields from a custom object called Order (not the native Salesforce Order object).

The following merged fields don't seem to work:

Order Name:  {!NU__Order__c.Name}
Pay NOW URL:  {!NU__Order__c.PayNowUrl__c}
Payment URL:  {!NU__Order__c.NU__PaymentUrl__c}

However, oddly enough this one works:

Balance: {!NU__Order__c.NU__Balance__c}

And this one works - {!Order.Name} -  even though we aren't using the standard Order object. 

All the above fields on the Order record are populated.  

I even tried fields on a related object (Cart):

TEST: {!NU__Cart__c.NU__PaymentUrl__c}
TEST: {!NU__Cart__c.PayNowUrl__c}

Thanks in advance for any help. Looking through some help docs but have not found any solution yet.