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We have two managed lightning componets on record page - linkedIn and Tableau viz. I want users to be able to see the components in salesforce app in mobile or Ipad.
I understood salesforce1 mobile app doesnot show lightning record page but would use the standard compact page layout as defined in the Page Layout Editor and so doesnot support lightning components.
Also our requirement doesnot want it to be added a different tab on record page. 
Any suggestion would be greatly helpful. Thanks
Issue in S2S is auto-accept Opportunity records in Partner Org
Reason is Lookup fields:
1. Partner Org has 8 lookup(Acc) fields, and Source Org has only 3 lookup(Acc) fields.

 2. All the Lookup(Acc) fields in Opp in Source Org must be populated with same Master record (Acc Record)
Understand it is criteria for S2S Auto-accept, We cannot add and implement Lookup(Acc) fields in Source Org.
Please let me know any other workaround(using trigger or flow), for auto-accept Opp records in Partner Org, when Acc and its related Opp(Child) records are forwarded from Source org.
Hi all,
I have created lightning component in salesforce and placed it is on related list and it is visible in desktop but not visble in mobile app in salesforce.
Anyonw know what is the problem.
I have created a lightning component and I wanted to display it in account tab in detail record page, so for that i created a tab just beside the account detail tab and drag an dropped the component there.
It workers fine in salesforce lighting but when i tried to login through salesforce 1 mobile app that tab itself is not visible and also the component is not visible.can anyone tell me why this is happenening ?