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I am quite new to Force.com development, and I am struggling with an issue that I thought would be quite simple.  I have a custom VisualForce page, and I want the help text bubble icon and text to be displayed on my page, but I cannot figure out how to do that. I have read the posts on this forum for that same question and have implemented what I think is the correct approach, but it still shows nothing.  My VF code is like this:

<apex:pageBlockSectionItem HelpText="{!$ObjectType.BNTE_Build_Note__c.Fields.Work_Order_ID__c.InlineHelpText}"> 
                    <apex:outputLabel value="{!$ObjectType.BNTE_Build_Note__c.fields.Work_Order_ID__c.label}"/>
                    <apex:inputField value="{!BNTE_Build_Note__c.Work_Order_Id__c}"/> 

My page is set to ShowHeader = "true".

Could anybody suggest what I could try to get this to work?
Hi All,

I had a question reg Certification whch i am trying to post in Trailhead support. I can see case submission screen after saving the case. But I don't see any notification coming to my email or the case showing in "my cases" list. 
User-added image

I am aware that it is not the exact place to post this query , but not sure where to raise this issue.

Please help me with this.

Hi All,
i am trying to open the images in PPT (power point). but not able to do. it is shoing error 
i am getting this ERROR
Hi, We are using Web2Lead Forms from Salesforce and do the validation of reCAPTCHA Version 3 on our website. No we need to change the target URL as the bots know already the old target URL and will continue to spam. Maybe a redirect will help any proposal?
Hi all,
I came across a problem that SOSL returns less rows than expected. SOQL returns the right number of rows.
Basically, in below snippet, I tried to get all rows which string 205640 exists in vin_person__c field.
SOSL only returns 2 rows. But SOQL return 6 rows including 2 rows in SOSL result.

What could be the problem?
list<list<sobject>> slist =[FIND '*205640*'  IN all FIELDS RETURNING VIN__c (Id,Name,Program__c,VIN_Person__c,Person__c,Car__c where Program__r.Account__c='001o000000ODW6lAAH' AND Inactive__c=FALSE ) LIMIT 100];


list<vin__c> svin = [select Id,Name,Program__c,VIN_Person__c,Person__c,Car__c from vin__c where Program__r.Account__c='001o000000ODW6lAAH' AND VIN_Person__c LIKE '%205640%' AND Inactive__c=FALSE LIMIT 100];


Hello All,

Is it possible for a user (or users) to receive a notification when an attachment is added to the Notes & Attachments section of a record in SFDC?  If so, how?  Does this have to be done via trigger?


Many thanks 



I've been advised this is the best place to post this...


I've installed Quote Line Items (Version 0.7) from Appexchange and want to edit the page "Quote PDF" so that it looks similar to our existing quote template as we're looking to run our quote process through Salesforce.com.  The application is great and I've been given the go ahead to roll it out to everyone as long as the quote PDF can look more like our original version.  This is where I'm falling down - I've managed to add our logo to the template instead of the standard Visualforce one but can't get my head around adding a table and some standard text to the template. I know it's only a simple template and if it was HTML I'd be able to do it but I just can't figure out Visualforce.


Can anybody help with this at all please?  E.g. does anyone have a standard table I can copy & paste and then edit?  If I identify which fields need to be included, could someone guide me through how to enter them in to the table?  Is there a way of adding a standard header & footer to the page?