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On the Account object I have created a formula field called Domain_Name__c . The formula I have used is this,


SUBSTITUTE(Website, LEFT(Website, FIND("www.", Website)), NULL)


Where website is a standard field on Account.


If Website is www.xyzdomain.com or https://www.xyzdomain.com


In Domain_Name__c I expected result as xyzdomain.com


Instead i am getting the result either as

.xyzdomain.com or ww.xyzdomain.com depending on whether the Email entered was 'www.xyzdomain.com' or 'https://www.xyzdomain.com'

Any thoughts how I can only get the text after the .   


e.g If, in the field Website  I enter www.salesforce.com  or  https://www.salesforce.com the result in the Domain_Name__c should be salesforce.com 





I am following the book "Developement with the Force.com platform" by JasonOuelette.

When creating the Custom Objects, I did not check the box to be visible in a tab, and so I could not add this object to the Custom App I was creating. Now I have a created fields and relationships in the custom object. How do I add this Object to the Custom App?




  • September 27, 2010
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