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Hi everyone,
I am new to salesforce development I have basic knowledge about it but I want to go in advance and want to clear the PD-1 exam can anybody help me with some tips on how to prepare for the exam 

Thanks in Advance 

Did not seem difficult at all, however got 18% and failed on it after a month of learning on trailhead getting up to 75 badges and 1 superbadge before taking the exam.
Things I noticed, before I took exam I watched https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIZk8cKOFHk&t=6613s the person teaching is teaching in classic while a lot of trailhead is in lightning. He did help me visualize a  few questions on the test I would've had no clue on.
Things I would recommend studying is going to every profiles, user, permission sets, validation rule, object and flow and look at what you can and cannot do, and the default settings.
In object such and such pick 2 of 4 things you can do. In this thing what is true?

I'm thinking about retaking it in a week, its a good test, just wasnt ready for that. Thought it would be more scenarios rather than 'what are your options, what is default settings, what went wrong, what things could have not been done right'. It will get you if you are a second guesser or overthinker because you have a lot of options, a lot of questions I noticed you have to pick 2 out of 4 choices, meaning 2 times to second guess yourself in 1 question.

Definitely not easy, but felt like I was closer to passing score of 65% or around there, I felt like I had small chance to pass before hitting the submit answers. I had feeling I did have a feeling I wasn't going to pass before I started the exam but I took it anyways because I kept seeing the message "FAILURE IS AN OPTION". So I'm not too upset I failed, but disappointed. 

I'd say my reason for failure was that I was having too much fun in trailhead rather than specifically studying for subjects relating to ADMIN exam. I had over 35 minutes left after answering questions and went back to check answers too for 20 minutes, which I felt good with, but all in all, 18%.

My 2 cents. Good luck to anyone taking it, also look at the flashcards, I didn't look at them but now thinking I would've passed it if I did http://www.sfdc99.com/2014/10/02/guide-to-passing-all-salesforce-certifications/

  • May 11, 2018
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I keep getting the following error message, even after trying in 3 new playgrounds: 
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Some billing state names do not meet data quality standards, or the data import was unsuccessful.

I followed all of the instructions:
1. Installed unmanaged package in the new playground
2. Added Residential picklist type to Accounts
3. Cleaned up Account list:
a. Removed "Household" from Account name (this wasn't specified, but it didn't seem necessary)
b. Removed duplicate records
c. Changed accounts in ALL CAPS to only cap first letter of first and last name
d. Changed state name to 3 letter State code
e. Saved as .CSV file
4. Imported list using Import Wizard

I received an email confirming the import was successful with 11 rows processed and I see the accounts when I search up accounts in the playground. 

Thanks in advance for any help!
Hi All,

I am having small confusion.Is dev-401 exam known as Platform dev-1 or is it different.

Hi Friends, I have all latest dumps of Salesforce exams Spring 2017 if anyone wants you can mail me at 
These are original questions from the certification exam and very useful to pass the exam.

I have all latest dumps of following exams
90% questions come from it

Salesforce Administrator (ADM 201)
Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant (CON 201)
Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant
Platform Developer I
App Builder

Let me know if you want

Good Day!

I am new to Salesforce. I wan to self-learn and write Salesfroce Admin 201 certification in next month. Plz suggest me relavant links for reading, watcvhing videos etc. If you have any selfmade materials plz send it to my emailid chandra.skumar@outlook.com
Any advice based on your experience would be appreciated :) 


I recently appeared for salesforce developer plateform developer 2 exam, unfortunately due to some technical resaon the exam got suspended and proctor have to reschedule it. I got stucked in one of the question which was as follow:

When a Case is updated then we need to Insert a Account based on case status(Is case status is Approved), how it can be done
1. Use Lightening process (Process Builder).
2. Use After trigger on Case.

Both the answers are correct as we can insert a record from both After trigger and process builder. Need to figure which one is the correct answer among these two.
HI , I have done online trainings and completed the salesforce admin and devloper challenges. Looking forward for the salesforce devloper certification . Please guide and help me on this to get certified . Please sahre brief details on the kinds of certifications and which certifications i should do or best suite now . Please also share some documents or dumps or links . 
Please also give some value tips oon this to clear the exam.

Thanks ,
Praveen 9941666696
Hi All 

I am planning to get the Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. Can anyone afford me some material(etc examination questions and answers)?

Thanks in advance!
What is salesforce developer platform1 means is it previous DEV401 exam.What is present Admin 201 exam is it app builder or salesforce certified administartor exam.
I recently passed my Admin 201 and now i want the Sales Cloud Certification. Does anyone know how to best prepare for the Sales Cloud Exam? I'm finding there aren't as many resources for self study like there was for the admin 201
i'm very much confused about preparing 1st salesforce exam ( ADM-201). i need study material as well as guidance for exam.
Hello Everyone
I am new to Salesforce .I want to give Certification exam of Dev 401 and ADM 201.
Please help me if anyone have latest Dumps. I heard Pattern has  changed from Winter 2016 release.
Please send me Preparation Material  at my email :   nitin.4nov@gmail.com .
Thanks. :)
Has anyone cleared Dev 401 certification recently ? I am planning to take summer 2015 exam. Have through force.com workbook and all available dumps online...somehow I am still little scared as I have heard the questions are been twisted and changed a lot unlike previous exams....can someone please share some sample questions with me from latest Dev 401 exam...

Anyone know if there's a way to set breakpoints and get Heap Dumps when running an Apex Test?


I've tried ti with no luck.  I open Dev Console, when the Repository, selected the module and put a couple break points in.  Then I tried kick off the test but in another window and also in the Dev Console.  I never got any Heap Dumps in the Heap Dump tab.


Anye clue?

Hi all,


I'm a Salesforce developer with 2 years of experience. Recently i've decided to give my certification. I have found that even after 2 years of experience i find many questions in dumps difficult to answer.


Is creating the Recruitment app essential to crack the exam?  I also found I need to memorise  a lot of numerical data related to salesforce Limits.


My friend suggested that going through all of the dumps available is enough to crack the exam. Is it enough if i go through all the available dumps and learn the ones i couldnt answer ?


Please let me know as i'm deciding to give the exam by next week.


Hi All,


I just finished the official training course given by Salesforce for our company.

They have also given us "DEV 401/501" student/exercise guide.

I would like to take the exam roughly a month from now.


Is the following reading materials enough for passing this exam ?


a) DEV 401 Guide (Student / Exercise)


b) Kindle version of "Development with the Force.com Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud" by Jason Ouellete


c) Force.com Fundamentas pdf


Also it would be nice to know if there are any particular key topics that I should focus on..


Thanks for your time :)



  • February 27, 2012
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I want dump question in Salesforce Administration Certification.

Hi All,


I want to do certification on salesforce.If any one know which material is usefu Plz guide me.

If any dumps are there plz send me those links.Plz guide me in properway.


Thanks in advance,


  • June 22, 2010
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I am able to select other custom fields of the contact obj, but when I try and select the new custom field I just created, the query does not return the field.  The query does NOT throw an error either.  When I dump the contact fields with:  describeSObject('Contact'), I can see the new custom field I created.  The field is a boolean with a name of "my_new_customField__c" for example.  Any input would be greatly appreciated.