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Hi All,

I will be using Apex Replay Debugger alot for the debugging purpose. It used work perfectly but now I am getting the below error while toggling the checkpoint and  Update Checkpoints in Org

"Command 'SFDX: Toggle Checkpoint' resulted in an error (command 'sfdx.toggle.checkpoint' not found)"

"Command 'SFDX: Update Checkpoints in Org' resulted in an error (command 'sfdx.create.checkpoints' not found)"

Any suggestion or help is highly appreciated.

Hi Team,

I am new to integration. I need to send PDF files from Salesforce to Netsuite when a checkbox is selected in Salesforce. I just know the approach that I need to convert the pdf to xml format in a restlet. But how to do this. 

Thanks in Advance 
global class CQP_ClsTriggerOpportunityHttpResGen implements HttpCalloutMock{

    // Implement this interface method
    global HTTPResponse respond(HTTPRequest req) {      
        HttpResponse res = new HttpResponse();
        res.setHeader('Content-Type', 'application/json');
        return res;

***************main class ****************
List<Object> results = (List<Object>) JSON.deserializeUntyped(res.getBody());
for (Object mp: results) {
System.debug('>>'+(Map<String, Object>)mp); 
Map<String, object> jsonRespMap = (Map<String, Object>)mp;
Boolean result = Boolean.valueof(jsonRespMap.get('success'));
if(result == true){

Error details:
Error MessageSystem.JSONException: Unexpected character ('"' (code 34)): was expecting comma to separate OBJECT entries at [line:1, column:31]
Stack TraceClass.System.JSON.deserializeUntyped: line 11, column 1

I am trying to connect our salesforce with our website via API. 

Anybody tried to do this and have an idea to the solution ? 

Hi Everyone :)
I need to ping an external REST endpoint on certain events. I don't need to receive a response. I just need to send a reliable ping. The external system will use this as a trigger to perform some operations and update Salesforce using the standard inbound REST endpoints. 
What at is the best way to do this?
So far we've investigated:
1. APEX Triggers and HTTP call outs.
Pros: easy to ping a REST endpoint. Could be modified to parse a response if required later on. 
Cons: APEX development - with everything that comes along with it - unit testing and deployment etc. Code is rigid. Also not reliable as there are no inbuilt retries. 
2. Built-in outbound messaging. 
Pros: easy to implement on the Salesforce side. Built in retries. 
Cons: SOAP only so more development on the external system to accommodate the message. 
Am I missing something? Is there an easier way to ping an external REST endpoint on a given event? I literally only need to ping a URL with a GET request and the ID of the object that changed. I don't care about the response.
Does anyone know why the SForceService object would be missing from my Enterprise WSDL file? I just created a new one and I have all of the methods and objects except this critical one used for logging in.