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Overall task is scan the barcode in saledforce.

Suppose my comoputer is connect with barcode scanner machine.
In salesforece  i've a custom object ITEM.  create a visualforce page of this item object and when we  click on new button the page will display.
we can scan the barcode then barcode id should be display on the page in row.
and finally when we click on saved button then record will be saved

How to achieve overall this functionality.

Please suggest.
I have a reuirement like i need to scan the barcode with i-pad and the related barcode comes in the input field in apex and then i will do further modifications based on this.ANY IDEAS?
Hi All,

Did anyone implement QR code scanner in Salesforce project?

What I need? If user scans the attached QR code, it should return the result after decode.

For e.g. If you scan the attached image (QR code) then it should return “ER-0000130”.

We are able to get the results from online demo’s, here is one example:http://dwa012.github.io/html5-qrcode/

However, after implementing code in SFDC, I am getting one or more errors. 

Please let me know if anyone implemented any QR code scanner in their project, with the instruction to implement.

Thank you.
Hello All, 

We are working on one of our client requirement to have a barcode scanning fucntionlity on Salesforce1.
Requirement reads as, on One Custom object we got barcode image and barcode number.
We need a search functionality where User may click an image of barcode or provide the same from the application tray from mobile and based on barcode scan, it will search for available barcode records if any and returns the same.

Would appriciate your help on this.
Thanks in advance.

I ahve a requirement Bar code Genarator. Using with VF Page.please help me any one.

  • August 13, 2014
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Do anyone ever worked with scanning barcodes from barcode reader harware into salesforce?

Hi Fridends...



How to Generate Barcode program in apex and Visualforce?




Thanks & Regards