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I am receiving this error message
Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
Could not find the 'Product Quick Search' flow in the opportunity Lightning Page.
But I did added the flow in utility bar
User-added image

I'm not able to complete #2 Automate Accounts. It give me the following error.
"Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong:
Please check the configuration of the custom fields on the Account object. The formulas, rollup summaries, etc. did not produce the expected outcome."

Can anyone tell me what went wrong? Thanks.

My Custom Fields configuration are as following:
  • Number of deals (Roll-Up Summary field): Count Opportunity. No filter criteria
  • Number of won deals (Roll-Up Summary field): Count Opportunity with filter criteria as "Stage equals Closed Won"
  • Last won deal date (Roll-Up Summary field): MAX(Opportunity: Close Date) with filter criteria as "Stage equals Closed Won"
  • Deal win % (Formula field): Number_of_won_deals__c / Number_of_deals__c
  • Total amount of won deals (Roll-Up Summary field): SUM(Opportunity: Amount) with filter criteria as "Stage equals Closed Won"
  • Call for Service (Formula field): IF( DATE( YEAR(Last_won_deal_date__c)+2 , MONTH(Last_won_deal_date__c) , DAY(Last_won_deal_date__c) ) <= TODAY(), 'YES', 'NO')

I have created an email tamplete which is available for use.
Then I have created an Email Alert with following values:
Description: Thank you
Unique Name: Thank_You_Eamil

in Process Builder I have selected "Eamil Alerts" and Thank_You_Eamil for Email Alert Field, but I get an Error message and the Email Alert cannot be recogonized.
any help is apperciated

User-added image,

User-added image