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I have a sandbox made off of our prod org. The sandbox instance is CS46, but it is not listed in
so I cannot tell whether it will participate in the early refresh for the new release or not.
Is it possible to calculate Lead Age, in real-time, keeping business hours into consideration?

P.S. I don't want a batch to update a million leads every hour.
Hello, I am trying to invoke an apex class to get the current user's URL, from my chatbot dialogue. Here is my apex class. It does not seem to work- when it gets to that point in the chatbot, the bot sort of shuts down and says no agent is available. Am I doing this correctly?
public with sharing class BotUrlClass {
public class TranscriptInput {
    public ID routableID;
  public class VisitorUrlOutput {
    public String urlOfMostRecentPage;
  @InvocableMethod(label='Get User URL')
  public static List<VisitorUrlOutput> getUrlName(List<TranscriptInput> transcripts) {
    List<VisitorUrlOutput> urls = new List<VisitorUrlOutput>();
    for (TranscriptInput transcript : transcripts) {
      // Query for the transcript record based on the ID
      LiveChatTranscript transcriptRecord = [SELECT Name, URL__c
                                             FROM LiveChatTranscript 
                                             WHERE Id = :transcript.routableID 
                                             LIMIT 1];
        string headerdata2= ApexPages.currentPage().getHeaders().get('Host');
        string urlvalue2=Apexpages.currentPage().getUrl();
        string url2='https://' + headerdata2+ urlvalue2;  
      // Store the url in an output variable
      VisitorUrlOutput urlData = new VisitorUrlOutput();
      urlData.urlOfMostRecentPage = url2;
      // Add the url to the list of outputs
    return urls;
Hello, I'm trying to change the background color of the actual messages themselves (the blue box below) on my einstein bot. I don't see this anywhere in the custom branding. Is this possible to change?
User-added image
I have created an Apex REST service, but I am having trouble connecting to it from outside of Salesforce.  I have created a connected app to facilitate the connection, but when I try to get an authorization token from Postman or curl, I get an authentication failure error.  It seems I have my connected app configured incorrectly or my request is set up incorrectly, but I do not know which or if there is another step I have missed.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I created a scratch orgs without problems and now I am trying to push the source from the local branch.
I am getting 68 errors of this type:
An object 'Account.ParentId' of type CustomField was named in package.xml, but was not found in zipped directory
All the mentioned fields are in the sfdx project source under main/default/objects/Account/fields and the scratch org API version matches the project one. 
Could anyone help me understand what I'm doing wrong, please?

Many thanks!
I just got a new PC and have loaded the Data Loader on it.  I have successfully logged in and am trying to export a file but get the following error:
I have created a folder for the files to export to but cannot get rid of this error?
I'm integrating Pardot with a third party app and need to pass along a javascript variable to a hidden Pardot field. Its a shortcode that lets use track the original source of the link.

I currently have a date field that displays a date 3 days from the date the form is opened. Here is the formula I used: TODAY() + 3


I would like to modify the formula to show a value of 3 business days instead of 3 days.  Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.

  • March 16, 2011
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Hi all, 

I am on Create Object-Specific Quick Actions unit on Trailhead and somehow when I get to Test the Action in the Salesforce Mobile App, nothing happens on the app. I cannot see the Properties Custom Object even in the navigation menu. I have been following all the steps exactly as they appear on each task, one by one and I also passed the challenge. So, clearly I am doing the right thing, but it bugs me that I cannot see the results on the Mobile App.

I have tried everything and looked everywhere but it seems that my Salesforce App is not connected to Trailhead or something! I apologise in advance if I am not making any sense as I am new to Salesforce. 

I would really appreciate it if anyone have been through the same issue and found a solution or workaround. 

Many Thanks.