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Hi All.

Could you please help us to find a solution for our issue?

We need to set a custom URL for our SF Community (not a Force.com site). To do that we performed the following steps:
- registered a custom domain (www.mycompany.com) using the GoDaddy service and added a necessary CNAME there to point this URL to our SF community.
- added a domain for this URL in Salesforce.
- created a Custom URL in Salesforce to point this domain to the community.

Now, if we enter a custom URL in a browser (www.mycompany.com), then it correctly redirects us to the Salesforce community. And it's exactly what we want, except one thing: in address bar of a browser we still see old URL: XXX.force.com.

So, Is it possible to configure this custom URL so that we could see "www.mycompany.com" in an address bar? What should we pay attention for to implement this behavior?

Thank you. Gennadiy.

p.s. One of our assumptions is that we should do something more with CA-certificate and SSL-certificate. If anyone knows more whether they affect on the described problem or not, please push us in a right direction.



Once a custom object has been created is it possible to still add custom fields to it? I don't mind if data is lost...


At the moment if I click on 'Edit' next to the custom object it only gives me a very limited set of options, none of which allow me to add/change fields.







I've been advised this is the best place to post this...


I've installed Quote Line Items (Version 0.7) from Appexchange and want to edit the page "Quote PDF" so that it looks similar to our existing quote template as we're looking to run our quote process through Salesforce.com.  The application is great and I've been given the go ahead to roll it out to everyone as long as the quote PDF can look more like our original version.  This is where I'm falling down - I've managed to add our logo to the template instead of the standard Visualforce one but can't get my head around adding a table and some standard text to the template. I know it's only a simple template and if it was HTML I'd be able to do it but I just can't figure out Visualforce.


Can anybody help with this at all please?  E.g. does anyone have a standard table I can copy & paste and then edit?  If I identify which fields need to be included, could someone guide me through how to enter them in to the table?  Is there a way of adding a standard header & footer to the page?