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1st requirement- if the number starts with B then it's length should be 6 only and it should be of format  e.g-B12345.

2nd requirement- the number should start from DE and it should be of length 7 only. For example-DE12345. There cannot be alphabets in between for example- DE123V4.

Both rules have to be applied on same field
I am not an expert in lightning components, so I had to post this question.

In lightning, I have an app page. There a is a primarycomponent kept on the lightning page.

<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes,force:appHostable"
                access="global" >
 <lightning:button label="Neutral" 
                             title="Neutral action" 

Now I have another component say F1Comp.cmp

<aura:component implements="flexipage:availableForAllPageTypes"
                access="global" >
 <h1> I am F1 Comp </h1>

My requirement is when I click the button In primarycomponentit should call the f1Comp.

How to achieve this?

Please eloborate and suggest approaches.
I work with a wonderful Nonprofit that uses ADP for Payroll and Time Management, and SalesForce for client management and reporting.
They would like to use SalesForce for HR tracking (Certification and Licenses, Training required and taken - that sort of thing).  
They need the HR information (Employee info - name, hire date, department, etc.) from ADP to integrate with SalesForce to reduce double entry and maintenance.

Does anyone know of a [free or low cost is best] app or integration that can be used for this connection?  
Is anyone out there doing this sort of thing?


I have certain list views on the custom objects which I want only certain group of people to see. For example I have two list views LV1 and LV2. Certain group of users should only see LV1 and certain others should see only LV2.I have created two public groups and restricted the visibility to 'Certain groups' but still the users are able to see both the list views LV1 and LV2.


Upon investigation I found that the users have system permission 'Manage Public List Views' in their profile.


What can I do to restrict the users from viewing the list views they are not supposed to see?