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Is there any way to relate a record's fields to each other within the record? 
For example, on a record we would like to create 5 fields to represent the upcoming years 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024, 2025.  Then we want to associate those years with other fields on the same record such as Price, Spend, Savings. By doing so, we will be able display the total spent for that year or how much saved, ect.
It is similar to a spreadsheet/table.  We also need to be able to REPORT on the fields.
Any ideas or guidance would be greatly appreciated!
We are trying to connect to SalesForce objects via PowerBI Desktop, but the object "Account Contact Relationship" is not shown. How can we make it visible? The user has access to this relationship in Salesforce.


I am stuck on a validation rule -

If Sub Category is either 'Attestation Form Complete' or 'Attestation Form Incomeplete', all the other fields listed must not be blank.

The current formula will not let me create the record even if all the fields listed are completed.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

User-added image

i have 3 fields 
field 1- mr
field 2- bean
in the field 3 i have to show 'mr bean '
basically i have to show the 2 fields value in the 3rd field
Hi all,

I use the Metadata API to update a metadata record similar to the example in this blog -> https://www.sfdcpanther.com/create-update-custom-metadata-using-apex/

However, to test one of my apex methods, I pass in some new details such as preferences for the end-user to change via a LWC rather than going into set up > Custom Metadata.

This works fine however to write a test method for this method, I am unsure how I can get code coverage as we are unable to deploy metadata in a test method.

My method of which I wish to get coverage is below:
    public static void updateConfig(String companyName, String publicKey, Boolean initialSearchPref, Boolean resubmitSearchPref, String CRA1, String CRA2){
        List<String> metaDataFullNameList = ConfigController.getMetaDataFullNameList();

        Metadata.CustomMetadata customMetadataRecord = new Metadata.CustomMetadata();
        customMetadataRecord.fullName = metaDataFullNameList[0];
        System.debug('customMetadataRecord.fullName > ' + customMetadataRecord.fullName);

        if(publicKey != null){
            Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField1 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
            updateMetadataField1.field = 'Public_Key__c';
            updateMetadataField1.value = publicKey;
        Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField2 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
        updateMetadataField2.field = 'Automatically_Submit_Search__c';
        updateMetadataField2.value = initialSearchPref;

        Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField3 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
        updateMetadataField3.field = 'Automatically_Resend_Referred_Searches__c';
        updateMetadataField3.value = resubmitSearchPref;

        if(CRA1 != null){
            Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField4 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
            updateMetadataField4.field = 'CRA_1__c';
            updateMetadataField4.value = CRA1;

        if(CRA2 != null){
            Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField5 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
            updateMetadataField5.field = 'CRA_2__c';
            updateMetadataField5.value = CRA2;
        if(companyName != null){
            Metadata.CustomMetadataValue updateMetadataField6 = new Metadata.CustomMetadataValue();
            updateMetadataField6.field = 'Company_Name__c';
            updateMetadataField6.value = companyName;

        customMetadataRecord.label = 'Live';
        System.debug('customMetadataRecord > ' + customMetadataRecord);

        Metadata.DeployContainer mdContainer = new Metadata.DeployContainer();
        System.debug('mdContainer > ' + mdContainer);

       ConfigMetaDataCallback callback = new ConfigMetaDataCallback();
        // Enqueue custom metadata deployment
        Id jobId = Metadata.Operations.enqueueDeployment(mdContainer, callback);
        System.debug('jobId > ' + jobId);


I am relatively new to interacting with Apex classes.  When pushing a change-set to production there is a validation error on the change-set due to an apex class that a previous consultant created and it is blocking the deployment.  I have worked through change-set before and never encountered this error.

The apex class itself is irrelevant and I wish to delete it completely from production.  I am slightly concerned about this because if I delete it from production I am not sure of the ramifications of how it interacts with other areas our instance.

Attached is a file of the error from the change set.  If you have advice about the best way to go about this that would be great.User-added image
I have case object firstname and lastname and city multiselect picklist i need to auto populate combination of above 3 fields.
I have one use case where We want to update the lightning web component to show the "Lowest Cost" column in red if the lowest cost is lower than the Unit cost.

User-added image
Welcome to your suggestions.

I am working on an Einstein Bot. The default Bot performance dashboard gives me info about how many times a Dialog is used [Top Last Dialogs card]. But the requirement is to know Top Dialogs group by Customer.

Currently we store unique customerId in LiveChatTranscript object, but I cant find any way to link EinsteinBotsV2 object with LiveChatTranscript.

EinsteinBotsV2 is not even visible in 'Object Manager'. It just shows up in the Einstein Bot Dashboard DataSet.

Has anyone been able to link any object with EinsteinBotsV2, or create custom field(s) in it.

Current Report
Dialog Name    Count
Dialog1             05
Dialog2             01

CustomerId       Dialog Name      Count
cdxswe             Dialog1               02
cdxswe             Dialog2               01
zxcvb               Dialog1                03

As a last resort, I am thinking of creating a custom object and storing info into it using Apex/Flow when Dialog is changed. But would prefer any alternative that will allow me to work with existing objects.
  • August 02, 2019
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  Is it possible to fetch details of the chat associated with a specific chat key in Snap-ins? Looking for a similar method like details fetched using getDetailsByChatKey() method in a live agent.

In any mobile flow, when finishing it shows a white screen with a green check and saying '[flow_name] completed!'. However in our mobile flows, we have some field validations at first and in some cases shows a custom error message, warning the user that cannot perform the action. And right away, when doing next on the flow, it shows the message that finished with success, misleading the user with the outcome.

It's possible to remove this screen or even change it?

I am trying to deploy default Compact Layout assignment to different sandbox environments. The layout deploys fine, but in the target destination, the assignment isn't updated (stays with System Default).

I'm retrieving my code through my IDE (Mavensmate) and deploying thorugh ANT scripts.

In retrieving the related metadata (I don't want the whole object, only the relevant changes), I get the following:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CustomObject xmlns="http://soap.sforce.com/2006/04/metadata">

I can try manually adding compactLayoutAssignment, but worry about this disappearing every time I retrieve/refresh my project from the org. Is there a way I can cleanly configure my project so this is retrieved, and I can deploy w/o updating the xml beforehand?

Is it possible to iterate through a collection multi-select picklist values on a single record using a flow loop element?
I am using a Mydomain enabled dev org on gs0 (Winter 16) and going throught the exercise in Trailhead. 

Follwed every step and when i click on Preview it takes me to my app (looks right) - https://skypeforbiz-dev-ed.lightning.force.com/c/Sfb.app

But it errors out with -

Lightning components require My Domain. Please contact your system administrator for more information.

Any idea what I might be missing? My org is defenitely provisioned with MyDomin.
I have enabled Chatter Answers to override the change password page. This is working fine, on click of the link from email it is landing on the change password page.

In the controller of change password page, there is a redirect to another page based on certain conditions, this page redirect is not occuring.

PageReference ref = Page.resetPasswordPage;
return ref;

It seems like the page is stuck on change password page.

Both change and reset pages are added to communities.

Any information on this would be very helpful.
  • April 01, 2015
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As part of the approval process for our sales team I'd like to assign a quote to a queue to enable easy management of people who are able to approve the request.

Looking at the list of available object type however, Quote isn't one of them.

Do I have to assign each user 1 by 1 or is there a way to assign quotes to a queue?
I have created a field on the contact record titled Twitter User Name.  I am now trying to create a hyperlink formula field that will take the user name entered and add it to the Twitter URL and I can't get it to work.  It works great as a custom link but I want to be able to place the URL in the page layout and not in the custom link section.  Any suggestions?

I have tried both of these options

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Contact.Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )