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We have built Live Agent for one of our client.We want to customise the chat end messgaes.

Eg:- If the visitor ends the chat,Message will be "Chat ended by Visitor".Asssuming visitor name as Bob,we want to customise as "Chat needed by Bob"

Eg:- If the Agent ends the chat,Message will be "Chat ended by Agent".Asssuming Agent name as Maria,we want to customise as "Chat needed by Maria"
Is it possible with standard live agent functionality? If No,what is the alternative approach to achieve the requirement?

Thanks & Regards,
Harsha BR
what is the difference between bulk api and batch apex?
is bulk api an substitute for batch apex and can we write code in bulk api based on business requirement?
How many records does BULK api process compared to batch apex
Do we have to manually write entire code when using BULK api to salesorce or is there in auto generate tool?

what errors do we encounter in bulk api?

like batch classescan multiple bulk api's be chained?

Please help me in understanding.