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We have a number of Bulk API Queries in our Org's "Monitor Bulk Data Load Jobs" section. Some are "In Progress" and others are "Aborted" They say they are submitted by me or the other Salesforce Admin at my Company but neither of us can seem to figure out where they came from. They run daily on numerous objects.  Does anyone else have Query operations like this in their Org and/or do you know what causes these? Bulk API Queries

I want to create a e-commerce website with salesforce. Can anyone help me.


We are happy to provide a space for you to list developer and admin openings that may be of interest to the Force.com community. Please ensure your posts are effectively titled with the position and location you're looking for, and don't forget to include instructions for applying or getting in touch with you when you post. 


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I welcome your feedback and suggestions!

We are car rent company located in Russia.

We have presence in four cities with population over 1M. Our car fleet is about forty vehicles.


Now we are looking for company, which could provide us salesforce solution based on our requirements for reasonable price.

Solution should automate our current business processes.


As a first step we will send you our high level requirements and business processes description.

In return for this, we are expecting your approximate estimations (costs and resources) and statement of work.

We prefer time and material pricing.


Any questions are welcome.

We are waiting your requests on email: vasilyi.sevastianov@gmail.com


Vasilyi Sevastianov,

Samara Rent CTO