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The automatically created HTML will be for v2.
Whenever I am trying to Create a new resource like a controller or helper for a Lightning Component, the below message get triggered as a pop-up. However post selecting OK. I am able to proceed with resource creation and everything works fine. But this is triggered always at the first time of resource creation for all new lightning components and application

duplicate value found: AuraDefinitionBundleId duplicates value on record with id: 0Ad28000000RLPy

Error Message

Hello, I have a requirements to populate a picklist base on the values in the string field All__c. For example.

I have a picklist Animals__c which have data of "Dog, Mouse, Cats, Rats, Birds".

in Record Type 1 Animals__c values are "Mouse, Rats"
in Record Type 2 Animals__c values are "Dog, Cats, Birds"


In Record Type 1:

If the field All__c has the value of  "2" the Animal__c in record type 1 = "Mouse, Rats"

If the field All__c has the value of  "3" the Animal__c in record type 2 = "Dog, Cats, Birds"
If the field All__c has the value of  "2,3" the Animal__c in record type 5 = "Mouse, Rats,Dog, Cats, Birds"


Any help will be very much appreciated.

I am trying to execute the following code for recalling an approval process an ends up getting the following error



execution of AfterUpdate caused by: System.DmlException: Process failed. First exception on row 0; first error: INVALID_OPERATION, Illegal transition type:


 Approval.ProcessWorkItemRequest pwr = new Approval.ProcessWorkItemRequest();
List<ProcessInstance> procins = new List<ProcessInstance>([select Id from ProcessInstance where Status = 'Pending' and TargetObjectId = :objectId]);
// Retrieve the process work instance id associated to the process instance
            List<ProcessInstanceWorkitem>  workitem = new List<ProcessInstanceWorkitem>([select Id from ProcessInstanceWorkitem where ProcessInstanceId = :procins[0].id]);

            if ((workitem != null) && (workitem.size() > 0))

                // Execute process request
                Approval.ProcessResult pr = Approval.process(pwr);



I have created an Object called Daily Diet. It holds the information of daily diet of a patient. It has following fields:

Patient - Master
Date - Date
Diet -Lookup
Food Item - Lookup
Consumed Quantity - Decimal

Eg: Mark - 12.10.2008 - Breakfast - Biscuit - 5  => Daily Diet ID 1 (Name Field)
      Mark - 12.10.2008 - Breakfast - Tea - 1 => Daily Diet ID 2

Currently, if I add new record with the same values, it will be simply added
    Mark - 12.10.2008 - Breakfast - Biscuit - 6 => Daily Diet ID 3

Similarly, if I change Tea to Biscuit in record 2, it will be like 
Mark - 12.10.2008 - Breakfast - Biscit- 1=> Daily Diet ID 2

So, I have three records with same data. How can I prevent it ?
  • October 28, 2008
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