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I opened up a case with support, however they said they could not assist me and to post my question here.

I've created a community site with the URL: https://communityinfo.force.com/support/s/
and this works fine and all the articles work fine, however recently I've made a custom URL and the Help Centre is now on https://support.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/s/

This was working fine for a while, but now as a guest user, https://support.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/s/ just shows a white screen and doesn't load. It does however load for a user.

Additionally, while I am on https://support.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/s/ (as a user, since i can't see anything as a guest) some Answer sections to articles do not load and if I refresh it, it says invalid page. yet on https://communityinfo.force.com/support/s/ it shows up fine.

This one won't work: https://support.mycommunitydirectory.com.au/s/article/What-is-Access-My-Healthcare

Yet this one does: https://communityinfo.force.com/support/s/article/What-is-Access-My-Healthcare

Hi All i need a help on to create VF page
i am having Custom Lead__c object i need to create Visual force page 
like thisUser-added imageSame working visule force page i need if any one have Vfpage and class please paste need urgent.
thanks in advance
Just posted on mydreamapp.com.
Mac users, and OSX (Tiger, Leopard) lovers, look out !

STOD is Sync to OnDemand

On-demand (hosted) web services are great : you may be using one professionnally, or may also be a Web 2.0 service-addict for your own personal use. They have numerous advantages : hosted, usually good/excellent availability, you always have the latest version, free or low monthly subscription, no installation on your site, no maintenance on your site, no hardware on your site, etc.

However, they do have their drawbacks :
. online : you need to be online to use these services, except for those which offer a sync feature
. performance (speed) : although it is usually very good for a web site, it is low compared to local client applications running on your own Mac
. usability : although Web 2.0 has much improved (vs. HTML) user interaction possibilities with web sites, you are still stuck in a very basic user interface limited by your browser(s) capabilities and the web-page concept; this is much, much less nice than your usual applications on your Mac.

So, just imagine if you could join the great advantages of on-demand services with the perfect (no less !) usability, power, beauty of your Mac desktop : you have a STOD app (sync to on-demand).
This is a sync engine which sucks the data from your favorite on-demand service(s) onto you personal Mac, syncs them with .Mac on the way to give you access on all your different home/work/play Macs. It is delivered with CRUDL (create, read, update, delete, link) user-interface consoles tuned for the specific service you usually use online, but with the best design of a Mac user-interface. Imagine a Mac app designed like Delicious Library or iSale, but for your favorite on-demand web service !

Here is my rating for my idea vs. the MyDreamApp competition's criteria :

A) Innovation and Creativity : ***** (5/5)
This has never been done. I have been waiting for this app for 2 years, and not seen anyone mention anything like it. That is why I have started prototyping it, spending most of my time looking out for the technologies (now available) to implement it with.

B) Use of OS X and Leopard technologies : ****. (4.5/5)
Integrated with many desktop mac applictions, STOD apps will also rely on lower-level Tiger and Leopard technologies like Spotlight, CoreData, TimeMachine, etc.

C) Feasibility of Development : ****. (4.5/5)
This has already been prototyped - more in future posts

D) Mass-Market Appeal : ***** (5/5)
I hope STOD apps (for business on-demand services) will simply be the Trojan Horse we have been waiting for to introduce the Mac massively into the entreprise.

Look out for future posts detailing each feature.

Beyond bringing valuable on-demand services right to your Mac, the STOD concept is the door open to a stream of Mac apps working locally with seamlessly-synced business services data and turns those service platforms into an extension of the Mac and its .Mac/iDisk sync model.

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