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I am an administrator in a sandbox, and i have created a community without adding myself as a member. Since the release of Spring 2015:
Release notes:
"salesforce_spring15_release_notes" says "Updating Community Administration Settings Requires Community Membership" on page 13.

Hence, though i created the community and am administrator on the sandbox, i cannot access the community administration settings.


Hello folks,

I have to create a Report that show records grouped by checkboxes. For instance, I have an object that has 4 flags that can be checked independently. In the Report I have to show each checkbox in a row, showing how many records has each one flagged. The result has to looks like this:

Flag 1      2
Flag 2      2
Flag 3      2
Flag 4      4

Further more, I have show this in a bar chart. I have tried many approaches without success. The bucket field seems the best option, but it's not working properly (or I'm not coding it right). I have created a formula field to use it in the bucket field; it looks like this:

IF(FLG_1__c, "Flag 1" ,"") & " " &
IF(FLG_2__c, "Flag 2" ,"") & " " &
IF(FLG_3__c, "Flag 3" ,"") & " " &
IF(FLG_4__c, "Flag 4" ,"") & " " &

The problem is, when I run the report, it is not counting each flag separately and I'm getting the following result:

Flag 1               1
Flag 2               2
Flag 3               1
Flag 3 Flag 1     1
Flag 4               4

I'm using a matrix report. Does anyone has an idea?

Many thanks in advance!


I just to want to update numerous leads , with the same info at one time. 

example....create a task for all.

add the same event for all.....

i dotn want to have to add the same event 100 times for 100 leads....