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I have an HTML classic email template that has a URL to a visualforce page to "view in browser" the url is built from a Salesforce Site.

When I click "View In Browser" it takes me to the visualforce page on my browser as expected and the Contact.Id and Contact.Email that is associated with the user who received the email is passed in the URL, but now I need to make sure that the ID and Email are then passed to an href within that visualforce page.

Here is an example of the site hosted URL of the Visualforce page: 

Within the visualforce page, there is a link to Unsubscribe.  This link is working when clicked from within the email, but I need it to also work when it is viewed on the browser.

This is the link I'm using, but it doesn't seem to be passing the Contact info and so my unsubscribe flow is failing.


My visualforce page is using the Contact as Standard Controller, so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Do I need a controller to hold that information? If so, what would that controller need to look like?  Or do I just need to modify my Visualforce so that I'm using an <apex: commandlink> tag instead?

Any help would be appreciated!


Has anyone ever created a formula to proper case fields?


Thank you,