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Hi all - 

Using Apex, did you ever had to subtract the business days from any given date? 
Like for ex: if I have to subtract from today 11/19/2014-10 days, it should exclude all the weekends and give me the final date 11/5/2014.
Please let me know if you have any function related to this requirement.
Thanks for looking into this.

I have created a field on the contact record titled Twitter User Name.  I am now trying to create a hyperlink formula field that will take the user name entered and add it to the Twitter URL and I can't get it to work.  It works great as a custom link but I want to be able to place the URL in the page layout and not in the custom link section.  Any suggestions?

I have tried both of these options

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Contact.Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )

HYPERLINK("http://twitter.com/Twitter_User_Name__c", "Twitter Account" )