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I want to copy certain fields from account object to the opportunity object. I tried adding 'billing address' field in the opportunity object by adding a new custom field with the following formula:
Billing Address (Text) = Account.BillingStreet & ", " & Account.BillingCity &", " &Account.BillingPostalCode &", " &
Account.BillingState &", " &Account.BillingCountry

The system shows the information in the opportunity section in the read only format. I may need to edit this address in the opportunity object. What is the best way to remove the read only status and make the field editable?
Salesforce Admin needs to give access to a new custom object with custom fields to more than one User.

How can an administrator meet this requirement?
Choose 2.
  1. Add to manual sharing list
  2. Assign permission set group to Users
  3. Edit organization-wide defaults
  4. Create a permission set

Hi All,

We are facing an issue generate a invoice pdf in community. Calling VF page(Invoice pdf) in lightning component button, in Internal Salesforce it is working fine but when calling same community it blank field values. Permission given in shared setting for Opportunity Object because Quote controlling by parent, create a controller without sharing, given in public site settings and also in profile we added the vf page and controller class.
Hello, I am tring to delete an exported data from dataloader am am wondering why I get the error "Invalid record id" when I didnt even do a single thing to the record i exported.

Why do I have this error and what can I do to proceed pls?