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Hi Everyone,

I'm working in list view where I want to hide some custom fields from the available fields in list view.
In the below picture i have highlighted on a field that I want to hide from the list view. So can someone tell me how to achieve that?

User-added image

The visit records (from the first task) of the same physician are not allowed to overlap with each other.
(For example, if visit #1 is scheduled today on 13:30 and has a timespan of 1 hour, then if visit #2 has a timespan of 30 minutes, it should not be allowed to have a start time at 13: 15 or 14:00, but it can before 13:00 or after 14:30).
When a user creates, updates, or deletes a visit record on Salesforce, the patient receives an email notification letting them know the new time/date of the visit, or that the visit has been canceled.
In addition, every morning at 7:00AM, physicians must receive an email with their scheduled visits of the day..p
  • July 22, 2022
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I need to refresh all related child components when i click new button.
So that data in all the tabs will be reset and set to blank.
Can someone pls help here!

How to write it in js file in handleclick(event)

Hello Everyone, 

I am trying to make a new field with a formula, text data type, from a boarding pass. I have this but it's telling me Kosher does not exist. Any help appreciated. 

CASE(ISPICKVAL(Ticket__r.Food_Preference__c, Kosher, Kosher, Halal, Halal, Vegeterian, Vegeterian, Vegan, Vegan, null)) 
Hi, I am working on the formula below to check for a date in a date field and get this error.  The "" in the formula is highlighted when I check syntax.

Error: Incorrect parameter type for operator '<>'. Expected Date, received Text

IF(Date(Project__r.Hold_Start_Date__c <>"", Project__r.Hold_End_Date__c =""),"On Hold", "")

Would appreciate any help with the correction for this formula, thanks!!
Hello folks,

I´m new in the world SF developer so I need help about one cases where I am create a VF page PDF and show custom fields of Object Account, Task and Asociacion__c, but I can´t to do that it works.

I have three objects, two standar object and one costum object those are Account, Task and Asociacion__c. We need creted a PDF with fields of those objects but when execute it don´t works. Someone Help me please, It take me many time.

I don´t know How to do for I related fields of Task and Asociacion__c and show it in PDF, I have tried with costume controller but it don´t works. :(

My Code VF Page

<apex:page standardController="Account" extensions="MyControllerCuentasTareasAfil" renderAs="PDF">
        A continuación los datos de la cuenta son:
        <tr><th>Nombre de la cuenta:</th>
            <td><apex:outputText value="{!Cuentas.name}"/></td>
            <td><apex:relatedList list="Task.status"/></td>
        <td><apex:outputText value="{!Asociacion__c.id}"></apex:outputText></td>

This is My controller (I can´t to do for fields related with objects Task and Asociacion__c)

public class MyControllerCuentasTareasAfil {
        public Account cuentas{get; set;}
        public Task Tareas {get; set;}
    public MyControllerCuentasTareasAfil(apexpages.StandardController stdController){
        cuentas = [SELECT id, name, ciudad__c
                          FROM Account
                        WHERE id = :ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id')
                        LIMIT 1];
    public Account ObtCtas(){
        return Cuentas;    

I have an Einstein Bot embedded in an external website (Not Community Cloud). I'd like to skip prechat questions when the end user (customer) is already authenticated in the external website.
How could I identify customer information and map it with the Salesforce Account/Contact information?

We are looking to create a Contract approval process but want it to be in parallel steps. I know we can have multiple approvers for a single step but that doesnt give any diferention for those users. At least with seperate steps we can name them and people can easily know what segment (financial, legal...) they are approving,


Has anybody been able to do this?

  • October 03, 2011
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