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how to create a custom carousel in aura?? with sliding images when onClick to show next and previous image.
How to write functionality for handleNext and handlePrev in aura for images to show next & prev onClick of (<)(>) arrow marks.
When onClick of next then image should show next photo.
When onClick of Previous then image should show previous photo.
how to write functionality for this button to show next image and previous image.??
Employee submits self-review. It goes to the immediate manager. As soon as the user submits the application, it should send an email to the immediate reporting manager. Then, provide the manager a form to submit the feedback about the employee. The manager should be able to see the review submitted in the earlier step and he should be provided a screen to submit his feedback about the employee.
Provide questions for employee self review.
Provide questions for manager's review.
Clearly differentiate employee and manager's questions.
I am having a button in classic version which is a javascript button 
On click of that button it is picking the email template and send sending emails to that candidate automatically
I want to achieve this in lightning 
What is the procedure?
hello all,

i am tring to write trigger on attachment object to count no.of attachment  on an object and display count to on fileld that is on opportunity but i am not able to find count propr here below is my code
trigger CountAttachment on Attachment (after insert,after update,after delete,after undelete) {
    Map<Id,List<Attachment>> parent = new Map<Id,List<Attachment>>();
  set<id> attids = new set<id>();
       for(Attachment c:Trigger.new){
           Opportunity l;
           if(c.ParentId != null)
   }else if(Trigger.old != null){
       for(Attachment c:Trigger.old){
           List<Attachment> a = new List<Attachment>();
           Map<id,Opportunity> testmap = new Map<id,Opportunity>([select id,Count_Attachment__c from Opportunity where id IN: attids]);
           a = [select id,parentid from Attachment where parentid IN:attids];
           for(Attachment at: a){
               List<Attachment> llist = new List<Attachment>();
               if(parent.get(at.parentid) == null){
                   llist = new List<Attachment>();
               }else if(parent.get(at.parentid) != null){
                   llist = new List<Attachment>();
                   llist = parent.get(at.parentid);
           for(Id i: attids){
               if(testmap.get(i) != null && parent.get(i) != null){
                  testmap.get(i).Count_Attachment__c = parent.get(i).size(); 
               }else if(testmap.get(i) != null && parent.get(i) == null){
                  testmap.get(i).Count_Attachment__c = 0; 
           update testmap.values();
       }catch(Exception e){}

Hi Expert,

I Have One Requirement,

1. Want to update Sales_Order__c record's (going to update Sap_Number__c , SAP_createdDate__c). 

2.Click to Upload Excel File.

3. Click to Update Sales Order Button .

4.Need To Updae With Existing Records (With same Rcords).

5. I designed a  Visualforce pages as well, please give me a good idea to how can i achieve this Process with the Apex.

Hello All, 

Trying to get hang on Vision API . I am following this link : https://metamind.readme.io/docs/apex-qs-create-vf-page

I have generated my oauth token through here : https://api.einstein.ai/token

I am trying to create dataset, all I get is 400 bad request. I am using postman and trying this with a einstein enabled developer edition. 

What am i doing wrong here?

User-added image

Hi guys,

How can I keep records of emails that I send to clients from within the case record. So I am able to send an email to a client from within the record, fine. None of the replies are being added to the record.

Am I missing something? 

I created my own Lightning app and Ligthnng Component. Also I use Lightning Desigh System.
I placed table in the component. And it has a lot of records. I would like to display records by pages and I would like to navigate between pages. How can I do pagination for my table? May be using Lightning Design System.

Thank you in advice!

Hello, all-


One of my field updates uses the TEXT(Date__c) function to convert the date into text.  It prints it in the YYYY-MM-DD format, though, which means it's the only date in our entire Salesforce system that is not in the MM-DD-YYYY format.


Is there a way to customize that within the formula editor?


You're all life-savers; thank you as always!