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Please Check the image and Tell me where I did mistake plz
I have just given only one text field of student name but I'm getting double...Please help
How to redirect from a partner portal to a new community portal page with out Login into Partner Portal?

For eg: When a user is trying to hit the partner portal url, the user should automatically be redirected to the new community portal?
Hello everyone,
I want to get all the current user's notifications to display them in a LWC component. For this, I tried to make a REST API callout from Salesforce to the same Salesforce org using Connect REST API Resources (/connect/notifications — documentation: https://developer.salesforce.com/docs/atlas.en-us.chatterapi.meta/chatterapi/connect_resources_notifications_resources.htm)
I tried to make the callout using first Workbench, then an apex class, but I always get the same result, an empty list of notifications. The current user has both custom and standard notifications, so I don't understand why I always get an empty list.
Does anyone have any idea why I receive an empty list of notifications?
User-added imageUser-added image
Strange behavior while calculating code coverage:

if I mention method call with parameters in different lines, salesforce consider it as different lines while calculating code coverage e.g
Test coverage consider it as 4 lines. Instead it should be only one line as it is nothing but representation of one method call.
This makes the code writing highly inefficient as unwrapped long lines in editor are very difficult to manage for a developer. 
I am getting error message while solving this challenge in Trailhead :

To complete this challenge, add a validation rule which will block the insertion of a contact if the contact is related to an account and has a mailing postal code (which has the API Name MailingPostalCode) different from the account's shipping postal code (which has the API Name ShippingPostalCode).Name the validation rule 'Contact must be in Account ZIP Code'.
A contact with a MailingPostalCode that has an account and does not match the associated Account ShippingPostalCode should return with a validation error and not be inserted.
The validation rule should ONLY apply to contact records with an associated account. Contact records with no associated parent account can be added with any MailingPostalCode value. (Hint: you can use the ISBLANK function for this check)

Error Message is :  There was an unhandled exception. Please reference ID: HKIZNLVZ. Error: Trailhead::TrailheadTimeOut. Message: Trailhead.view: failed to get a 200 response. Made 3 attempts each resulting in a 403 or 500 failure for url challenges?key=%5B%22trailhead.challenge.validation_rules.en.us.192%22%5D.

I am not sure what went wrong here.
My Validation Rule is on Contact Object  :

  AND ( NOT(ISBLANK( Account.Name)),
( MailingPostalCode <> Account.ShippingPostalCode))

Can anyone please help with this.
Tried doing a callout from an execute method in a queueable class and go the @future error -
Callout not allowed from this future method. Please enable callout by annotating the future method. eg: @Future(callout=true)
07:13:51.752 (8701449752265601)|SYSTEM_METHOD_EXIT|[1263]|System.Http.send(ANY)
Is there a way to annotate the execute with "(callout=true)".

I sounds like what i want to do may be doable if there's just some syntax to get the annotation.

I have created an object (table) with three fields -- number, name, and person.  There are only five records in this object each with a unique "number" (1 - 5).
On the account view, I have placed a picklist with the numbers 1 through 5 to match the "number" field in the custom object. 
My goal is to place two more fields on the account view such that, when the user selects a pick list value, the other two fields will be filled in with the corresponding "name" and "person" fields from the custom object.
Any help will be appreciated -- or the location of docs.