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Hi All,


We have a requirement to integrate UPS with Salesforce.com. The requirement is to automate below two processes:


         1.  to send the information of confirming shipment and get the shipping label from UPS

         2.  to have the tracking information updated in SF from UPS


 I have researched on it and found below points:


  1. The WSDL provided by UPS cannot be directly consumed in SF.com, it throws an error 'Found schema import from location UPSSecurity.xsd. External schema import not supported'.
  2. I am also in touch with UPS to confirm if we can integrate it using HTTP request/response. For it I’ll require their webservice URL on which I can POST data using HTTP callout and get response back in XML. BUT before proceeding in that, I would like to confirm that Can we make HTTP callouts from a trigger or scheduled APEX? As our requirement is to automate the shipping so most probably we’ll be doing HTTP callouts from a trigger (calling Future class) or may be batch Apex. I found the below post on discussion boards related to it which states that there can be some issues:



3. There are some applications on AppExchange like ExactShip (ShipCRM) but those don’t meet the requirements as they are manually driven.

4. There are some third-party products like AIVEA (eShip), who provide webservices to integrate with UPS but their WSDL could not be consumed too (Error: Failed to parse wsdl: Unable to find schema for element; {http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema}schema. None of their clients have earlier integrated their webservices with SF.com. I am working on integrating their webservices using HTTP request/response but would like to get any detailed documentation on HTTPS callouts (to pass parameters to webservice and parse the XML response). Kindly let me know where I can find details about it.


It would be really great if I can get any help on this.


Thanks !


  • April 28, 2010
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