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I want to use Apex code and visualforce page to create a new lead.

In web, I need to choose a record type before I create a new lead. And there are three types of leads.
In visualforce page, I want to create a new lead with assigned record type using code.

The confusion for me is that the recordType is related list for the lead. I could extract a list of record type by the following.

for (list<RecordType> rts : [SELECT ID, name FROM RecordType WHERE SObjectType = 'Lead' Order by name])

However, I could not pull out the recordType for a lead by the following, since the recordType is related list.

Lead l = [SELECT RecordType FROM LEAD].

Besides, what I want is create a new lead like below.
Lead l = new Lead(firstname='testInsertLead2', lastname='test',company='Temp Company', RecordType = 'registration type lead');

Could anyone help me with this to access the related list using apex code or visualforce page?

Thanks a lot.